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The 10 best cameras for photography

10 best cameras for photgraphy

So today’s blog is about cameras! I get asked all the time what my camera is and how amazing the photos are that I take! People always say, ‘what is the best camera to buy’ so I thought I would give you my top 10 cameras that in my opinion are worth the money. I will start with my favourite (which is the camera I use for myself). Read More »

Bye, bye partners

robot partner

2016 really is going to be the year of technology! With what is lined up, the world just isn’t ready! Technology is literally going to take over… soon we will be speaking to robots instead of humans in a shop. Yes, you heard me… robots!

In the technology world, humans are old news! Some people don’t agree with you, don’t like you, won’t do what you want to do, listen to you, talk to you and even just acknowledge or appreciate you! But, what if you could have all those things and more in just one person? You are probably sick of looking for that companion… so why not try a robot? Read More »

Iphone 6S or Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge?

s6 vs 6s


With Christmas rapidly approaching, I know many of you would like Santa to bring you a new phone! But which one to have? I have many questions and hear many people discussing this matter and never know which phone to go for. With the latest smartphones, the best options at the moment for people is the iPhone 6S and the Samsung S6 Edge which in my opinion are both absolutely amazing phones and they both really show off just how far technology has come over the years. With both phones having different kinds of specialities and things that really make you go ‘WOW is that even possible?’ and both phones being equally as attractive, I can understand why it is so hard to choose between them as at first I couldn’t even choose… My friend who works for Stourbridge Tree Surgeons accidentally dropped his in the wood chipper!


So, for a while now I have been using the iPhone 6S and the Samsung S6 Edge and I must say, both phones are phenomenal! I can’t believe how well both Samsung and iPhone have done with these new phones, they have really Read More »

Things are better in the fast lane


Nowadays it is just unbearable to even think what we would have done without the Brainiac’s that founded the wireless network! Most businesses depend solely on their internet sales rather than in a shop. All the top web designers in Staffordshire like InterLead are having the time of their lives as more businesses decide to get themselves seen on the internet! (click for web design stafford)

Smartphones are the way that most people now search for things they need, so not having your business online is damaging your business more than you think! Read More »

Peak Design Camera Clip


Many people rely on their smartphones when it comes to taking a picture but a lot of other people like to take pictures with cameras to give them a higher quality picture. If this is the case, I am sure you sometimes struggle to take your camera places with you, and always have a feeling of it being unsecured where is it hanging Read More »