Mapping Your Workspace 

Send us your office, warehouse or factory floor plan and number of employees. We will then be able to estimate the appropriate number of Anchors (below) and wearable Social Distancing Tags (also below) to provide you with a quotation.


Installing Hardware

Enterprise Anchors, which are easy to install and built to perform in tough environments, are installed on the walls around your workspace. Stylishly designed and silent, they will look no more out of place than your alarm sensors. 

enterprise-anchor-1 (1).png
enterprise-anchor-1 (1).png

Wearable Social Distancing Tags

Our lightweight Tags can be configured to work within any social distancing rules and are accurate to within 10cm. If two tags come within 2 meters of each other (for example), then the tag will vibrate or beep, as decided by the user. Distances can be adjusted at any time, or in any place.

Tags can be purchased independently to manage social distancing. 

Stellar Tag.jpg

Key Features:

Uses Ultra Wideband Technology

10x more accurate than Bluetooth (10cm)

No infrastructure needed

Durable investment

No interference

CE certified



Dimension: 10.5 x 6.5 x 2.2 cm

Weight: Approx 100g

Buzzer: 75dBA

Battery Type: Rechargeable (USB) Lithium

Battery Life: 2-5 days

Pre- Ordering Process 

Prior to the Covid-19 distaster, we and our partners had been operating 95% of the solutions detailed above, using Ultra Wideband for highly accurate positioning solutions in office and industrial environments.


The one thing the engineers have had to rapidly design and manufacture (using existing technology) is a UWB wearable 'Tag' which vibrates and/or makes a sound when a Tag comes within 2 meters of another Tag.


As we can all appreciate, global manufacturing has ceased and is only now starting to slowly pick up again. Our lead times have been pushed back somewhat and there are still significant delays in the supply chain.

With this in mind, we are asking customers to pre-order our solution before the end of June 2020 for shipments to your workplace in September 2020.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and request pricing.